For Students

Fall 2018 Courses

RELS 2013 – Christianity is a study of the Christian tradition, its development and variety. The course will include an examination of the beliefs and practices of both Eastern and Western Christianity and a study of the main differences among the major Western denominations. The approach is via a thematic introduction to the history, thought and culture of Christianity. Time: M, W, F 11:00-11:50

RELS 6100 – Method and Theory in Religious Studies. Time: Thursday 2-4:30

Winter 2019 Courses

RELS 1001 – Critical Reading and Writing: Religion and Violence examines the relationship between religion(s) and violence from Religious Studies perspectives. Students learn the principles of scholarly analysis appropriate to the study of religious phenomena, the elements of academic assessment, and the mechanics of academic writing. Emphasis is placed on critical reading and writing, analyzing texts, evaluating sources, framing questions, organizing paragraphs, developing effective arguments, and refining presentation of written work. All sections of this course follow Critical Reading and Writing Course Guidelines available at

RELS 2180 Jerusalem and the Politcs and Sacred Space takes a social-constructivist approach in examining how narrative, ritual, and architecture are deployed in making a place sacred. The focus is on the city of Jerusalem, its place in the history and symbolism of three religious traditions (Judaism. Christianity and Islam), and the potential tensions and conflicts involved in processes of creating sacred geographies.

RELS 3540 – Christianity, Violence and Corruption introduces students to the thought of René Girard and Ivan Illich. Girard engages with anthropology, literature, the biblical tradition, and Christian thought in developing a conflict theory of social origins, and the relationship between religion and violence. Illich, one of modernity’s fiercest critics, argues that modern social institutions are indebted to Christianity, but also that these institutions, including the church, are a corruption and perversion of the New Testament.